Pricing & Adoption Process

How Exciting...If you are on this page you're already convinced that Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles are one of a kind! And, in our opinion the best all around breed of dog you could ever hope to have as a partner and family member.

Before completing the adoption application, please send us a message expressing your interest and how we can contact you. We want to establish open communication so that you feel comfortable with us and our program.

This is the beginning of our lifelong relationship.

After we talk and you decide our program at Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch is best for you we will ask that you complete the Adoption Application. Please be open and honest with all of your answers and feel free to add any additional information that may help us along the way.


After we receive your completed application we will call you to discuss the details. Upon approval of your application you can decide if you would like to place a hold on a puppy (a $500.00usd non- refundable deposit is required). This deposit will transfer and be applied to the purchase price upon a successful sale. It may seem like a lengthy process, but rest assured it is worth it! Our objective is to partner you and your family with the perfect puppy that fits right into your unique family dynamics.

Pet Puppy Pricing is $3000.00 usd (no sales tax charged)
We do not charge extra for a specific gender or color. All Pet Puppies are the same price.
Since AHDR is located in Oregon you do not have to add sales tax to our price. For many of our customers this represents a huge savings!  
​​Money can buy a lot of things, but it doesn't wiggle its butt when you come to the door...

Good Dog Payment