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At Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch Our Dogs and Puppies are raised as Family Members First​ on our ranch with farm animals, children and tons of love. Each potential Dam/Sire undergoes rigorous testing which exceeds the WALA and ALAA standards. AHDR reserves the right to hold back any puppies from a litter that may enhance our breeding stock or become prospects to other like minded programs.  We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

  We are dedicated to placing our pups into loving and forever homes as Family Members First. 

​Introducing, Bindy our Foundation Girl:
​Leapfrog Bindy at Autumn Harvest Dood Ranch (AHDR)

Sire: Sardis Park Monty(WALA#00005001/ALAA#050309)
Dam:Leapfrog Acorn(WALA#00023065/ALAA#059497)
Sex: Female
Dob: October 4th, 2018
Size: Miniature, 15" 18.5lbs
Color: Chocolate bbeE
Coat: Silky Fleece, Wavy (non-shedding, allergy and asthma friendly) 
DNA Profile on file 
Testing: Ofa hips and elbows, Ofa Patellar luxation, Ofa cardiac, Ofa eye exam (CAER)-ALL CLEAR
Paw Print Genetic Screening: DM,EIC,HNP,VWD,NES,PRCD,PRA-prcd, PRA-rcd4-ALL CLEAR

​Acorn and Monty are Bindy's parents​. Their picture and information are courtesy of Leapfrog Labradoodles. Both Acorn and Monty reside with their owner, Cheyene Dyer at Leapfrog in British Columbia Canada. A big thank you to Cheyene at Leapfrog for being our mentor and role model.

Leapfrog Acorn
(​Bindy's Mom)

Sire: Prairie's Marlo (at Leapfrog Labradoodles)
Dam: Earth Angel's Huckleberry (at Leapfrog Labradoodles)
Born: May 5, 2017
Size: Small medium, 17 inches, 24.5 lbs
Color: Apricot (Bbee), Parti-factored
Coat: Fleece, wavy (non-shedding; allergy and asthma friendly)
DNA Profile on file
Testing: OFA Hips, OFA elbows, OFA patellar luxation, OFA eyes-All Clear
Paw Print Genetic Screening:  DM, EIC, vWD, PRA, and IC-All Clear.

​Sardis Park Montgomery
(Bindy's Dad)

Sire: Alpenridge Another Good Story
Dam: Primetime's Chocolatee Clair
Born: April 14, 2016
Size: Large Mini (16 inches and 25 lbs)
Color: bbEE (carries parti, phantom, and sable)
Coat: Wavy Fleece (non-shedding/allergy and asthma friendly)
DNA Profile on file
Testing: OFA hips, OFA elbows, OFA patellar luxation, OFA cardiac-All Clear
Normal Normal Eyes, Clear for PPG 11-Genetic Disease Panel, IC Carrier (non-affected)

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