We Are Proud to Offer You Our Three-Year Health Warranty

OUR Commitment to YOU 

A Three Year Health Warranty against any life threatening genetic defect that may affect your dogs quality of life is a confident and bold statement...

We are elated with our program and offer some of the very best Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles. Our testing is detailed and exceeds the standards of WALA and ALAA. Due to our stringent testing on all dams and sires, we are confident in our puppies Health and Temperament.  Please refer to our contract for full details.

If we do not have puppies available, and​you are unable to wait, we would be happy to refer you to another professional breeder with a like minded program.​ 

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Regardless of where you go to find your ALD, please look for a similar promise and partnership.

We stand behind our Program and you, for LIFE!​